Our Mission

The Caring Hands and Supplementary Enrichment Education program will recognize and cultivate the natural intellect and creative ability of each special needs client in order for them to achieve their maximum academic and social potential. Our staff will stay abreast of new developments in the field of special needs, special education, and nutrition, while informing our families on a regular basis of promising developments, services and products. Our families will receive assistance in obtaining all desired services, equipment and products. A primary focus will be to create a cohesive network of community services and agencies to assist us in providing the highest possible level of services for your family.

Our Philosophy

The qualified professionals at Caring Hands believe that each child can achieve growth. Our professionals believe that each child wants to learn and make progress. We believe that each child will achieve social and academic growth when a caring and structured environment is maintained on a consistent basis. Our staff is dedicated to the guarantee that your child will make progress on a continuous basis. A team member will be available to attend IEP meetings at school, collaborate in forming person centered plans and complete a comprehensive assessment of your child’s IEP.


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